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Health Maintenance

Take responsibility for your body and health.

Achieving Quality of Life

Is it enough to just release the stress that is locked into the body in order to ensure the highest quality of life? No, of course not, but it is certainly a most basic requirement to ensure that the body has its best chance to adapt to stress, and in so doing regenerate and heal itself.

We need to take responsibility for our own bodies and health. Health has three facets: mechanical soundness, chemical well-being and mental and emotional balance. The degree to which we are able to avoid stress overload in all of these areas determines our level of health.

Mechanical Soundness

With the exception of accidents, we are entirely capable of controlling the amount and nature of mechanical stress and strain to which our bodies are subjected daily.

Posture is of the utmost importance. When sitting, it is vital to avoid slumping, or sitting with the feet propped up. The correct curve of the lower back is stabilized if the knees are level with or slightly lower than the hips. Avoid couches and chairs that are designed with a backward slope. Most car seats are too low, but placing a small cushion, or roll-up hand towel in the hollow of the back helps to maintain the curve.

When lifting heavy objects, bend the knees, keep the back straight and hold the object close to the body.

Sleeping – the mattress must have enough ‘give’ to mould to the spinal curves, to support the body. Also, rather sleep on your back with a thin pillow which supports the neck. Check that the pillow is not so thick as to cause the chin to tilt downwards to the chest.

Always remember to ‘preserve the curve’ of the spine.

Obviously it is beneficial to pursue moderate and sensible forms of exercise to, to strengthen muscles and make the body more resistant to mechanical stresses. Avoid exercises that reverse the lumbar curve, as well as twisting. Good forms of exercise include gym exercises with the correct lumbar curve, walking, swimming and cycling with good posture. Jumping on a trampoline is very beneficial, as long as it is done moving from one foot to another, and not both legs at once. It is good to start any exercise routine slowly to give the body time to adapt.
skeleton showing biomechanics

Chemical Well-being

You must provide your body with all the chemicals and elements it needs for healthy functioning, by following a healthy, varied and balanced diet, keeping as close as possible to whole unprocessed foods. They should be as free as possible from artificial additives, contaminants and toxins.
healthy diet

Mental and Emotional Well-being

If we can attain peace of mind, the mental and emotional stresses of life will cease to overwhelm us. The path to this state of emotional balance and inner peace is unique to each person. We must seek out and pursue activities and techniques that help us, individually, to reach this. For some it may be creative expression, for others meditation, prayer, visualization exercises, relaxation techniques or talking with a friend or counsellor.

Physical approaches may also help, like sport, dancing or massages. Spending time in nature or listening to music can also lessen the impact of mental and emotional stress.

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