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Body Stress in the Lower Back

Causes of Stress in the Lower Back

The jarring effects of accidents and falls may cause body stress to be stored in the lower back. Also, heavy or incorrect lifting or bending may strain ligaments and muscles, and compress the iintervertebral discs. Incorrect, repetitive exercises involving twisting movements or repeated forward bending, may stress the spine. Another cause is poor posture, especially when sitting in a slumped position.
Sitting like this may give temporary relief from the back pain, as it causes the joint spaces to open up at the back and reduces pressure on the spinal nerves. However, this builds up compression of the discs and over time the back walls of the discs may weaken and start to bulge i.e. herniated or prolapsed disc.

Effects of Body Stress in the Lower Back

Body stress in the lower back irritates the spinal nerves and may result in back pain, at times referred along the nerve pathways into the abdomen, groin, hips, legs or feet. Numbness may also be experienced in any of these areas, as well as stiffness and muscle weakness. The compression in the lower back may become so severe that muscles lock up in a protective spasm, pulling the spine forwards or sideways.

While body stress remains stored in the lower back, the pressure on the nerves may disturb the normal functioning of the areas and organs that they supply. Thus body stress may lead to digestive problems, such as constipation or diarrhoea, bladder complaints, sexual dysfunction etc. A very common complaint is severe menstrual cramps dysmenorrhea and pain which often cease when the lower-back compression is released.

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