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Who Needs Body Stress Release?

Better health and vitality

Who Needs Body Stress Release?

Young or old, we are all subjected to the stresses of life, and with BSR being so gentle its a great way to be assessed.

Imagine a person with extremely poor posture. The lower back is rounded, the belly sagging, the upper back is hunched with slumped shoulders. There is contraction of the chest, the neck is extending outwards with the chin pulling downwards. This person’s walking may be affected with a tendency to sway from side to side.

If the body stress is however released, these distortions can be reversed! Many of you may think that old age contributes to your hunched shoulders or other body distortions, but I can assure you that, as long as there is no disease causing these distortions, the body is capable of restoring it’s natural curves to the spine.
Healthy Individuals
Babies & Children
Stroke Victims
The Injured
Now you may say, I am in my early thirties, forties, (fifties) and I do not have a distorted posture. I might have occasional lower back stiffness in the morning, the odd headache and maybe pain between my shoulder blades.

Would I benefit from BSR? Most definitely.

Every person will at some stage be subjected to stress overload, whether chemical, mechanical or emotional, everybody can benefit from BSR. Because the approach is so gentle, it is suitable for all ages from newborn babies to the aged and for people in all states of health.
The effects of BSR
Sports people benefit from BSR so that there (their) body's can work at an optimum level of performance.

A golfer had fallen and hurt his foot, which became very inflamed. He had seen his GP, he had X-rays, anti- inflammatory medication, massage, acupuncture and a foot specialist giving him inlays. But nothing was helping, he was facing not being able to play golf any more, and he was willing to try anything.

He found a BSR practitioner and after a few sessions huge improvements occurred, and after a few weeks the injuries disappeared.
When the birth process is difficult, the baby may have to be given help to be born, this usually means that its head is pulled to some degree, possibly causing body stress to lock into the neck.
When the neck is stressed the baby appears restless, and keeps moving the head and arms, even when sleeping. If there is tension in the lower back the baby may squirm and cry when hips are lifted during a nappy change. There may be constipation, diarrhoea, or colic.

Cases of screaming babies are often seen by BSR practitioners. Once stress is released the baby relaxes and usually falls asleep, much to the mothers astonishment.
Many BSR practitioners have been able to help babies who have experienced difficult births.

Small children are likely to accumulate body stress as a result of frequent falls and jerks while playing or trying to lift heavy objects. The signs the parents may observe are, for example, normally good natured children will become sullen or irritable. Some difficulties are growing pains.

A toddler may demand to be picked up and carried with complaints of sore legs. In BSR we find that so-called “growing pains” result from lower back body stress with pressure irritating the nerve supply to the legs. Growing is a normal process.
A number of people who suffered strokes had persisting effects such as paralysis of the muscles, face or limbs. After releasing the body stress by BSR practitioners many of them had increase of mobility of the limbs and improved speech.
A man in his early 40 involved in a motor accident was paralysed on the right side after fracturing his 2nd lumbar vertebrae. He also lost control of his bladder and bowels. After 5 months in hospital and various treatments the vertebrae healed but there were no further progress. After only 2 BSR sessions he began to feel sensations in his right leg and he could sit upright for only short periods. After 8 BSR sessions he regained control of his bladder after 13 sessions he was able to use a commode. Great was the practitioners excitement when one morning he received a phone call from the man informing him that had walked for the first time.

After falling from a tree at the age of 5, a man having a painful, distorted posture for 35 years of his life are now walking upright, living a full, pain-free life. All thanks to Body Stress Release and the ability of the body to heal itself.
Although they are extreme cases, these are but a few examples of people whose lives have been changed dramatically by Body Stress Release.

Listen to your body and it will tell you when you might need a little bit of assistance. The odd twinge, headache, cramp and stiffness are all signs that the body is over stressed and needs a bit of attention.

Body Stress Release can most definitely enrich your life. You owe it to yourself to improve your quality of life!

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