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What is Body Stress?

Understand how body stress impacts on our lives.

Stress – what does it really mean?

Stress is part of everyday living – the demands that life places upon us. Our body responds to stress by secreting adrenaline that prepares us for “fight or flight", to deal with a threatening situation. The blood sugar level is raised to produce extra energy, muscles tense in order to react quickly, breathing speeds up and the heart rate increases to pump more blood to the muscles. All of these actions, initiated by the sympathetic nervous system, occur whether the stress is physical or psychological, and they are switched on automatically, before our conscious mind can analyse the event rationally.


The key to understanding stress is: as long a the stress does not strain the individual, on any of the above mentioned levels, beyond that which he is capable of handling, it IS beneficial. When we manage to adapt to a stress factor, the stress is not cumulative. It is dealt with and dissipated from the body and mind. Every time we face a challenge and overcome it, we've made a successful adaptation, which moves us to a higher level of capacity. In this way stress is our means to evolve ourselves, in all facets of our life.

Stress overload

When those stressful forces applied to individuals go beyond the limits of their adaptability, stress overload occurs and some outside help is needed. Stress overload may be defined as: the overriding of the body's inner, resistive powers by an outer, resistive force. In the case of less extreme stress overload, the force or pressure to which the body is subjected may still go beyond its ability to deal with it. If not, the tension becomes 'locked' into physical structures – the muscles, tendons, ligaments or other tissues remain tight and constricted, and we call this 'body stress’.
the layers of body stress are like an onion

Layers of Tension Build-Up (The Onion)

I would like you to imagine an onion and all its layers. 

The layers of this onion are the layers of body stress locked into your body. The core of the onion is your blue print.

I see BSR as the key to unlocking each layer.

Some layers might even make you cry like the onion would when cutting it but when you take off and leave behind the layers of locked in stress you will feel free from the previous pain.