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About the BSR Consultation

How a Body Stress Release consultation works

body stress release practitioner in consultation with client
Body Stress Release is carried out in a professional setting in a private consulting room.

The practitioner will give a brief explanation of how BSR works, to dispel any misconceptions and show that the technique does not involve anything mysterious or mystical.

While remaining fully clothed, the client will lie face down on a specially designed BSR couch.

The practitioner will perform a series of light pressure tests, using the body as a biofeedback mechanism, to assess the exact location and direction of body stress.

The testing process does not require any action from the client. The practitioner is trained specifically to monitor the body’s neuromuscular response to the stress tests.

The practitioner will then release the body stress, using their hands, with a light but definite pressure, thereby restoring the two-way communication between the brain and the affected area.

In BSR we realize “more is not better” – the application of a stimulus along a line of stress does not need to be forceful, but simply accurate. BSR is light enough to never override the body’s natural protective resistance.

After the releases, the practitioner will explain the relevance of stressed areas, for example, a person with numb or tingling hands can see the connection from the painful lower neck to the hands.

Depending on the findings, the practitioner may give the client some guidance on how to maximize the benefit of the BSR sessions and avoid recurrence of body stress.

Note – BSR is not a diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. It is merely concerned with locating and releasing stored tension, so that the body is assisted in its in-built capacity to heal and maintain itself.

Preparing for your BSR Consultation

Practice etiquette and initial phase

Please ensure that you arrive on time. Clients who arrive late, may be asked to reschedule, and will be charged in full, as it may interfere with the next client. Arriving later than 15 minutes means that the session can not be completed and must be rescheduled, however it is still charged in full.

First consultation lasts 1 hour. Subsequent consultations last 45min to 1 hour, depending on what the body requires.
Note – During the release, you will remain fully clothed and you can keep your shoes on.

Kind request – Please refrain from using perfume or aftershave before session.

As BSR and self healing is a process, your commitment to a minimum of three sessions is required.

These are booked as follows;

Day 1 Initial consultation, assessment and release

Day 4 Follow-up for adaptations, assessment and release

Day 11 Assessment and release

There is a possibility of an additional consultation between Day 4 and Day 11, depending on the body’s adjustment after the release.

Maintenance consultations = Monthly or six weekly
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Practice Hours

Monday: 09h00 - 18h00
Tuesday: 08h00 - 18h00
Wednesday: 08h00 - 18h00
Thursday: 08h00 - 18h00
Friday: 08h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 09h00 - 12h00

Consultation Fees

Payable cash straight after session, or EFT prior to arrival, with proof of payment sent.

Consultation = R550

After hours or Public holidays = R600

NB. Please note that appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours before due time, will be charged in full. All sessions are payable immediately, no accounts.

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Experience the Benefits of Body Stress Release

The Body Stress Release practitioner will do a complete client history evaluation with you and identify key areas to focus on before commencing the non invasive Body Stress Release session.
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