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My Body Stress Release Story

A journey to vitality through Body Stress Release

My History with Body Stress Release

I’ve had a history of back aches, incorrect posture, neck and headaches since my early twenties, but as we often do, I did not listen to my body, had a painkiller and continued. Staying in Cape Town in the late 90’s I went into retail and the long hours standing aggravated the situation to the point where I went for deep Swedish massages bi-weekly. After re-painting my retail shop, I experienced peculiar headaches and dizziness that continued for around two weeks.

I was referred to BSR sessions for three sessions, which cleared the headaches and eased a lot of other aches in my body. Unfortunately, I did not have maintenance sessions afterwards, as I did not realise the long term benefits to my health at that stage. Developing pain in my hips, I attended chiropractic sessions, but did not feel that it was the way to go with my healing and it did not resolve the issue.

In 2001, I had three motor vehicle accidents, which worsened the overall situation and added knees to the body aches. In 2006 and 2008 I had two beautiful daughters, the pregnancies, the extra weight and incorrect breast feeding posture all compounded the discomfort and pain levels. I started, as many times before, to gym, felt an improvement, but did not realise that the protective action in my muscles were numbing the nerves and disrupting the two-way communication in my body. It got to a point where I felt like an 80 year old, not being able to play and run around with my daughters. Emotional stress also compounded the downward spiral in my health.

Ironically, it was during a gym session that I recalled the wonderful effects I had with BSR years before, and immediately went home to apply to study the course in 2009. I was accepted as part of the 23 international successful applicants, packed up home, toddlers and mother to attend the 5 month full time course in Rondevlei, a life changing journey!

Since then I have been grateful for the opportunity to not only improve my own overall health, but also my family and my clients. Having been involved in our SA EXCO for 10 years up untill July 2018, and piloting our Marketing Strategy and projects has given me the opportunity to reach certain goals for BSR on a bigger level.

Now I focus purely on my own health, practice and clients, as well as spending quality time with my daughters.
Retha Bodenstein - Certified Body Stress Release practitioner

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