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Body Stress release FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions asked about Body Stress Release. If you have a question that isn't covered below, please ask.

The day after I saw you, I woke with severe lower back pain - I could hardly get out of bed, why would that be?

After the release, the body will start with the healing process, decompression on the nerves will occur, and feeling will return to the area, which was numbed before. This is actually very good, as it means the body is responding very well.

You said the lower back is my main problem, but yet I felt nothing while you were working there?

That is a good indication of how severe the pressure is on the nerves in you lower back, meaning the protective action is very strong in that area, thus numbing the nerves. As the body lets go of the tension and decompression takes place, sensation will return to the area because of improved communication in the body.

I have been constipated most of my life. Can BSR help?

Constipation could be due to the protective action in the lower back and the muscles tightening around the spine. These muscles and the compression affect the energy and communication flow, even to the organs on a deeper level, and the motor function.

I only had lower back pain before my BSR session - now I have pain in the knee?

Very good reaction in the body! There was not effective communication down the leg before, now that the tension is releasing, the communication is improved, sensation is returning down the leg as the nerve pathways have better energy flow. You may not have been aware of the knee prior to the release, but the tension was there. Now the body can continue with self-healing in that area as well.

I get severe calf cramps. Can BSR help?

That could be due to tension in the lower back, affecting the nerves down the legs. Compression on the nerves in the lower back could lead to less effective communication in the legs and feet.

My child has growing pains. Can BSR help?

Growing is a natural process. The sensitivity could be due to tension in the lower back, affecting the legs. When tension is released and communication is restored, the body can continue and maintain more effectively.

Since you worked on my lower back I have had diarrhoea? Why is that?

Imagine you are standing on a hosepipe. There will only be a trickle of water coming out. When you lift your foot, at first there will be a sudden gushing of water before the flow normalizes. It is the same with the nerves in the body. Previously there may have been irregular bowel movements due to ineffectiveness in the whole system, due to tension. Once it starts releasing, the body regains the innate capability to process. It will also want to get rid of any toxins previously captured in the body.

I felt fantastic after the release but then the pain returned?

The body heals in cycles and after a few days the muscles start re-aligning according to changes in the system. The nerve receptors also start firing and vary between the level where we can sense it and then drops below that level; this is part of the natural process of healing. It is like the peeling of layers, like an onion.