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The Benefits of Body Stress Release

What can BSR do for you?

What does Body Stress Release do?

We are all exposed to different types and levels of stress on a daily basis. Fortunately our bodies are perfectly designed, encapsulated two-way communication systems, we started from a mere idea and from inception, our cells have the blueprint encoded with, first forming a perfect body (that is how I view all bodies) and secondly self-healing and maintaining homeostasis under normal circumstances.

However, when the body is subjected to an overload of stress, which can be sudden or over a long period, the system can become overloaded and compromised. When trauma occurs, there is an automatic protective reaction in our nervous system. Muscles tighten to protect an area or areas, these tight muscles put pressure on the nerves, which leads to disruption in the effective two-way communication system. Body Stress Release is concerned with the effects of three types of stress on your body; physical, mental and emotional and chemical stress.

Once the nerves are compressed to various degrees, it can lead to a myriad of complaints and symptoms including;

Physical - muscle spasms, neck / upper and lower back pain, restricted movement, headaches, stiff and painful joints, chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, skin conditions, nausea, nervous habits like nail biting, "overdoing" like work or exercising, IBS, low fertility, bladder and fertility issues, Repetitive strain injuries
Mental and emotional - anxiety, depression, constant worrying, restlessness, short temper, irritability, impatience, feeling tense and "on edge", feeling overwhelmed, sense of loneliness and isolation
Chemical - sudden, debilitating headaches, coupled with dizziness and nausea

With Body Stress Release we work closely together with the body's innate self-healing process, therefore we never do simply one session, and I check your body's response after each session. We always start with 3 initial sessions over a period of 11 days, as the body also heals in cycles.

Through BSR, I gently stimulate the nervous system, through light but definite pressure, this sends a message to the overloaded brain to facilitate the self-healing process. When the brain starts responding, the muscles start relaxing, which lifts the pressure off the nerves and improves the two-way communication overall. I often explain to my clients that it could be viewed like standing with your foot on a hosepipe, no or very little water comes out. Once the pressure starts lifting off the nerves, it is like removing your foot from the hosepipe. At first there may be an initial squirt or a strong stream of water before the flow evens out, the same applies to the nervous system with healing. Return of sensitivity is normal as two-way communication is restored and the body can start to move to functioning optimally.

There is no manipulation of spine or muscle, instead it is a gentle, yet effective release technique that reverses the downward spiral caused by an overload of stress. Because of the gentle approach, it is safe for all ages, my youngest client was a mere 3 days old and needed a session because he got stuck in the birth canal during birth. My oldest client so far was 90 years old and also reported improvement after her sessions.

Once a client's body is functioning optimally, I advise maintenance sessions, every 4 to 6 weeks, or longer, depending on each individual, to avoid the stress overload compounding again. It is ideal to listen to the warning signals from the body and release lesser stress levels to maintain health.

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The Body Stress Release practitioner will do a complete client history evaluation with you and identify key areas to focus on before commencing the non invasive Body Stress Release session.
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