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Types of Body Stress

What kind of body stress do you suffer from?

Mechanical Stress

This could be something sudden and major, such as whiplash from a car accident, or a bad fall, or it could be accumulative stress such as continuous bad posture i.e. sitting hunched over whilst working, sitting slumped forward, incorrect lifting, and repetitive inappropriate exercises.

These could cause possible cramps, weak knees, and weak bladder, and sciatica, stiffness, feeling bloated and constipated.

When we ignore the minor back ache or occasional stiffness, or we don't know how to overcome these pains, body stress can start to accumulate and it only becomes a major issue when you go to pick up a pen off the floor and suddenly your back has gone into spasm. Or you go to grab your bag off the back seat of the car and bang your back goes into spasm. This usually is a result of accumulative body stress.

Chemical Stress

Harmful chemicals may be consumed, inhaled, or even absorbed through skin contact. Sources can include pollutants in the air, insecticides, certain food additives/preservatives and even ingredients in cleaning products, creams, lotions and perfumes. Typical symptoms may include severe headaches or migraines, nausea and tension in the neck and shoulders, even dizziness.

Mental and Emotional Stress

Today we are all subject to an array of emotional stress factors such as financial worries, disintegrating personal relationships, workplace conflict and deadlines, loss of loved ones, hate, fear, anxiety and or depression.

These can manifest as tightened shoulders, stiff neck, grinding teeth, all part of the defensive posture to armour us against the onslaught of life’s stresses.

These are your thoughts and feelings including:
• Anxiety about the future
• Financial worries
• Relationships under strain
• Disintegrating family relationships
• Competition in the workplace
• Cope with a demanding situation
• Apprehension before a dreaded event
• Grief at the loss of a loved one
• Anger
• Sudden shock
• Depression
• Boredom
• Resentment
• Driving in heavy Traffic

person suffering from mental and emotional body stress