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Body Stress in Pregnancy, Babies and Children

Body Stress in Pregnancy

As pregnancy advances, there is increasing tension in the lower back, which is usually referred upwards to the shoulder-blade area or the neck but can refer down the legs as well. Besides relieving these aches and pains, Body Stress Release plays an important role in helping the body prepare itself for the birth. By minimizing the compression in the lumbar spine, there is improved communication in the whole pelvic region.

Many women experience difficult births while they have back problems. After undergoing BSR care during the subsequent pregnancy, they have found the birth process much easier.
If the birth process was difficult, a baby may be born with body stress, especially in the neck and lower spine. Small children are also likely to accumulate body stress as a result of frequent falls and jerks while playing.
pregnant couple
small child receiving bsr

How do you recognize stress in babies and children?

Babies – constant crying for no apparent reason, constipation, vomiting, lack of sleep.

Toddlers – complaints of sore legs (often referred to as growing pains), not wanting to walk far distances, bed-wetting, gnashing of teeth, constipation, fidgeting, lack of concentration.

Children enjoy the BSR experience as it is a gentle technique and they become aware of how different they feel once the stored tension has been released. Often a small child will be aware of body stress and will ask to be taken for a BSR session. Babies and children also respond quickly to BSR, as the pressure has not been present in the body for a long period and is readily released.

Body Stress in children and teens

Hunched over posture while reading or studying, or spending time on cellphones, laptops or I-pads will induce stress in the neck and lower back, as will a half-lying position while watching television.
Teenagers become more self-conscious and may develop poor posture due to hunched shoulders as a defence mechanism against social challenges and stresses of life.

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