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Body Stress in the Arms and Shoulders

The Shoulder Joint

Because of the design of the shoulder joint, it allows for a wide range of motion and therefore could be easily stressed, and re-stressed. Reaching above the head, stretching the arm backwards, and jarring effects in sports like tennis may strain the ligaments and muscles of the shoulder, and tension becomes locked into the joint.

The shoulder may be painful and stiff. If the pain has become intense due to build-up of inflammation, the release of body stress would most likely have to be carried out several times over a period of time, to enable the joint to stabilize and heal.
In a long-term case, the shoulder may become “frozen”, with severely restricted movement.

In certain cases, full movement could be restored after only one session, others may require several sessions for complete healing. Therefore, it is advisable to have the shoulder attended to as early as possible.
bsr practitioner treating client with body stress in shoulder
bsr practitioner treating client with body stress in elbow

The Elbow, Wrist and Hand

These joints may be stressed by jarring the arm, as in a fall, by twisting movements, such as using a screwdriver or opening a tight jar, or by vigorous actions like scrubbing or sawing, or continuous repetitive work, like sewing.

Tension can become locked into the elbow joint, between the small wrist bones, or between the hand bones. Carrying heavy shopping bags looped around the fingers, could induce body stress in the joints of the fingers or at the knuckles.
As a result, pain or stiffness will be experienced, and possibly numbness or tingling. There may also be weakness of the muscles when lifting or grasping an object.

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